Brush plating

KupferBThis method is used primarily for complex geometries of any size and is applied partially or over an entire area. It is equally well suited for new platings as for repairs. The multiple layers and layer combinations are very uniform (angles, curves, corners, edges, etc.) and meet the highest standards.

We can apply the following metals using the pad-plating method:

Antimony (Sb) Lead (Pb) Cadmium (Cd) Chromium (Cr)
Cobalt (Co) Gallium (Ga) Gold (Au) Indium (In)
Copper (Cu) Nickel (Ni) Palladium (Pd) Platinum (Pt)
Rhodium (Ro) Silver (Ag) Bismuth (Bi) Zinc (Zn)
Tinn (Sn)

Binary alloys

Pb-Sb Pb-In Sn-Co Sn-Au
Pb-Sn Pb-Cd Sn-In Sn-Pd
Pb-Cu Pb-Bi Sn-Cu Sn-Pb
Pb-Cd Sn-Ni Sn-Cu

Ternary alloys

Pb-Sb-Sn Pb-In-Sn Pb-Cd-Sn Ni-In-Sn