Gebaede-800Elektrolyse AG was founded on 12 April 1965 with its headquarters based in Lucerne. Since then, we have been dealing with selective electroplating of metal surfaces. Over the years, our customer base has grown steadily, which has required a large and sophisticated production range.

For space reasons, the company moved to Root in 1974. In 1978, a new production hall was constructed and in 1996 a new hall was built for galvanising pipes. Since January 1997, we are certified as an ISO 9001 (now 9001:2015) company. In 2001, construction started for a manual electroplating plant in Root.

Due to lack of space, the company moved again in February 2008 and our staff was able to move into the new and modern premises in Sins. Electrolyse AG currently has 50 employees.